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A young writer photographed three times on polaroid film in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City


Digital campaign consisting of video interviews and photos that explore various relationships that creatives have with their Sanctuaries: the places that allow for and inspire their creativity.

Edie Wyse and Kanamai Kusajima laughing on the set of the I Feel You Podcast, with a header saying: Expressing the spectrum of emotion through dance


Our Video Podcast, hosted by Edie Wyse, where we interview trailblazers within their respective creative fields.

A threeway split screen of 2 women and one men looking emotionally distraught, and the title saying Stages: Awareness.


Digital campaign consisting of interviews and photos that explore the importance of vulnerability & talking about mental health.

5 women in lingerie posing in a photo studio

Love Thyself

Digital campaign consisting of photos and multi-media artwork that explored the complex journey we go through to achieve self love from a female’s perspective.

A young man kneels down and stares closely at flowers dripping purple paint into a glass jar.

In Full Bloom

Digital campaign consisting of an experimental film that explored how the strength of love, community, and selflessness are essential for us to bloom.

Lord Scorpio, an RnB artist, smiling in front of a microphone at Studio 404.

Live@ Studio 404

Video series in collaboration with Studio 404 consisting of live acoustic performances by independent, upcoming musicians and singers.

A group of musicians sitting in a circle, with the title: In your element Official Documentary

In Your el3ment

A documentary and photoshoot capturing our collaboration with global networking app, el3ment, as we hosted 20 indie artists for a weekend songwriting camp.

A crowd of people reacting excitedly to a performer in the middle of the crowd


Digital campaign and event consisting of multi-media artwork and live musical performances that explored joy, celebration, price and manifesting fruitful things for the future.

A girl with a guitar and microphone looks into the camera. Below her, it says Laura Galindo.


Digital campaign consisting of live acoustic performances that explored how each performer sought to revive their craft and creativity post-pandemic.

4 women pose for a photo by laying down with all their faces aligned.


Digital campaign and open air gallery event consisting of multi-media artwork that explored the beauty and intricacies of the Divine Feminine.

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