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SHE: An Open Air Gallery

SHE was an all-female led open air gallery at McCarren Park, Brooklyn in collaboration with visual artist Sarah Elizabeth that explored the Divine Feminine. The campaign allowed us to platform different female perspectives and showcase their art to the community in an open air format when creativity was sorely missed during the pandemic.


Sarah Elizabeth with glasses and long black hair
Nichelle Antonia with red lipstick, a curl in her hair, a nose ring and earrings

Sarah Elizabeth
Visual Artist, Merch Designer

Nichelle Antonia
Visual Artist

Aissatou in a brown tank top, with butterflies in her afro and a gold chain. On the left and right sides of the image, two out of focus women look into each others eyes.
Purple stained glass artwork by Kayla Mencia

Visual Artist

Kayla Mencia
Visual Artist

Christine Arquero holding her hands up to her head, while three women are out of focused behind her

Christine Arquero

Photos by Edie Wyse

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