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In Full Bloom

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In Full Bloom: A Project Feel Film

Project Feel
In Full Bloom: A Project Feel Film
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In Full Bloom: A Project Feel Film

In Full Bloom: A Project Feel Film

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In Full Bloom - Director's Commentary

In Full Bloom - Director's Commentary

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"In Full Bloom" is a surreal fantasy short film that was created in 2020 amidst civil unrest and a global pandemic.

Directed by Anthony Alvarez and written by the Project Feel team, the film follows an unnamed protagonist, played by poet & painter Keion Copper, as he ventures through a strange but familiar world. "In Full Bloom" is equal parts an escape as well as a commentary on the state of the world during its conception, and is ultimately a testament to the power of community.

The film went on to be selected by the Short Stop International Film Festival & the OUT OF THE CAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, was a finalist for the Spotlight International Film Festival, and won the award for Best Experimental Short Film at the Sicily Independent Film Awards.


Anthony Alvarez wearing a swan covered shirt and smiling in a candid photo
Jo King on a New York City sidewalk

Anthony Alvarez

Jo King
Cinematographer, Editor

An actor in a pink shirt lays on a white sheet, looking directly up at the camera
An actor with curly black hair and a red torn shirt loooks down to the ground

Keion Kopper
Actor, Writer

Franco Colon
Actor, Composer

A young actress with a nose ring and a red afro looks off into the distance
Sarah Elizabeth with glasses and long black hair


Sarah Elizabeth
Art Director

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