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Love Thyself

As a team, we felt that self love, and what it looks like and feels like, was something that we not only wanted to explore, but also share with you. We collaborated with 6 woman creatives to create a project that is comprised of raw truth. For this next week, we want to give you raw truth. We want to show how loving thyself can be a difficult, yet beautiful & ongoing process. These 6 creative built the courage to be real with their unvarnished, bare skin. This project, consisting of a photoshoot and different mediums of art from each collaborator, allowed these women to embrace themselves and allow their vulnerability to manifest as strength, confidence, and healing.⁣


Christine Arquero in lavender lingerie
Sarah Elizabeth with semi transparent white sheet covering half her face

Christine Arquero
Visual Artist

Sarah Elizabeth
Visual Artist

Nichelle Antonia in pink lingerie and robe, laying down on clouds
Jalyssa Jimenez in black and blue lingerie, with a flower in her hair

Jalyssa Jimenez
Visual Artist, Filmmaker

Nichelle Antonia
Visual Artist

Nazifa Ahmed with braided hair, green make up and green nails
Sarai Garcia in white lingerie

Sarai Garcia

Nazifa Ahmed
Visual Artist


Franco Colon in a white shirt surrounded by trees
Gloom's Garcia in red and blue light with smoking rising behind him

Gloom's Garcia

Franco Colon

Jo King on a New York City sidewalk

Jo King

Photos by Sarai Garcia

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