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STAGE 1 (Awareness)

Project Feel
STAGE 1 (Awareness)
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STAGE 1 (Awareness)

STAGE 1 (Awareness)

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STAGE 2 (Connection)

STAGE 2 (Connection)

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STAGE 3 (Insight)

STAGE 3 (Insight)

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STAGES is a project about highlighting the importance of mental health. We all struggle with coping in our day to day lives, and because of this we wanted to create a safe space where it is okay to be vulnerable through art. This is a series of photographs and interviews where team members Sarah Elizabeth, Daniela Sofia and Anthony Alvarez share their own issues battling anxiety and depression. We want to encourage our community to start these conversations and remind you that it is okay to not be okay. Our goal with this project is to show you that it's okay to be open with yourself and those around you. There is always someone willing to lend a helping hand, even if it doesn't feel like so. We're here for you and we love you, don't you forget it.


Daniela Sofía with pink highlights in hair in a stream wearing a white dress.
Anthony Alvarez wearing a swan covered shirt and smiling in a candid photo

Daniela Sofía
Producer, Artist

Anthony Alvarez

Sarah Elizabeth with glasses and long black hair
Christine Arquero smiling in a sunlit room

Sarah Elizabeth
Producer, Artist, Graphic Designer

Christine Arquero

Jo King on a New York City sidewalk
Emily Weekes kicking her legs up in the air while holding a guitar, seated under an awning with plants.

Jo King

Emily Weekes

Photos by Christine Arquero, Edits by Sarah Elizabeth

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