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“What was your Revival this year?”


For the past few months, we’ve been planning and preparing a Moment that we’re excited to share with you.


We asked four artists within our community the above question. Their responses, as well as their art, set the framework for a weekend in which we recorded and captured four live performances at Stoodio One, Brooklyn. 


In the process of us helping these artists communicate what their Revival looks like through a visual and sonic experience, we answered that question not just for ourselves, but (hopefully) for the New York creative community as well. 


What does our Revival look like?


 It looks like a thriving community of diverse creatives that support each other. It looks like radical vulnerability and empathy. It looks like love. 



Gloom's garcia

Edie Wyse


Laura Galindo


 Musicians featured in revival

Gloom's Garcia's Set

Franco Colon (Drums)

Sam Kaplan AKA Leifer (Guitar) 

Jo King (Bass)

Joshua Kinney AKA Jerk (Keys & Saxophone)

Francheska's Set

Ryan J. Garcia (Featured Vocal)

Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal (Guitar)

Humberto Genão (Bass)

Jhonattan Nuñez (Drums)

Courteni Dunbar (Backup Vocals)


Laura Galindo's Set

Isaiah Hazzard (Drums)

Henry Trinder (Bass)

Greg Tock (Synth)

Sam Revaz (Keys)

Julian Briones (Guitar)


Stoodio One, for sponsoring Revival and allowing us to use your amazing studio to film all the performances. 

Charlie Freedman, for flying to New York on nothing but faith, to meet a group of strangers  who wanted to create something special. Thank you for all the work you put into capturing and editing the music. From strangers to family, welcome to the team.

Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal, for not only performing alongside Francheksa, but also bringing his audio experience to this production, as well as his infectiously positive and uplifting energy. 

Daniela Cordero, Nik Djordjevic, Sam Kelley, Kayla Mencia, Yesiana Nelson & Emily Weekes for being the best production assistants that we could have ever asked for. Your infinite energy and enthusiasm was what allowed Revival to flow as smoothly as it did.


 Soundhouse Rentals for providing the equipment that we use to create some of the pieces of art that we're most proud of. 

Carribean Cuts for being the source of all the lovely greenery that you see on set for all the Revival performances.

Kitsplit for being an amazing resource for us independent artists, and making creativity even more accessible. 


AFK (Brandon, Thomas, & Dan) for allowing us to use their drums for the Revival performances. We're grateful for you all and excited to collaborate with you this Summer.

Brandon Munoz-Dominguez for creating the beautiful Revival logo.

And last, but most certainly not least, thank you. Yes, YOU. You are here, which means in some way, for some reason, what we're doing resonates with you just enough to lead you to read all of this. That's support. That's love. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.