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In Your el3ment

In Your el3ment

In Your el3ment: Official Documentary Trailer

In Your el3ment: Official Documentary Trailer
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In Your el3ment: Official Documentary Trailer

In Your el3ment: Official Documentary Trailer

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"In Your el3ment." (Official Documentary)

"In Your el3ment." (Official Documentary)

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"Perfect Saturday" Freestyle: An "In Your el3ment" Outtake

"Perfect Saturday" Freestyle: An "In Your el3ment" Outtake

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el3ment drives discovery, connection, and collaboration across the global music landscape through a mobile application. Their Music matchmaking technology enables users to find their perfect sonic match, features in-app translation to streamline international collaboration. el3ment’s global music community boasts members from 49 different countries.

This incredible company reached out to us to jointly produce, and capture, a songwriting camp. At this camp, hosted at Safe & Sound Studios, we would invite 20 musicians, including some long term Project Feel community members, to make music with each other over the course of the weekend. 

As a result of this powerful weekend of music making, we were able to create a documentary of the whole experience, as well as a photoshoot capturing the individual artists and the groups on each song. 


Jess Rosenbluth in a denim jacket in front of an art mural
Leslie Smith smiling with her hands to her face while seated in front of plants

Jess Rosenbluth
Executive Producer, el3ment Co-Founder


Leslie Smith
Executive Producer, el3ment Co-Founder


Blonde Bomber with a black and white headscarf and futuristic chrome sunglasses
d.p.thuH wearing a yellow beanie and white shirt, seated on wooden steps

Blonde Bomber
Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, Hippie Tribe Member


Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, Hippie Tribe Member


Gloom's Garcia in green light with glasses and a black beanie, in front of a green and orange mural.
Edie Wyse in a periwinkle sweater and blue jeans, sweated on a beige couch.

Gloom's Garcia
Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer


Edie Wyse
Songwriter, Vocalist


Francheska, with a Project Feel white shirt on, sticking their tongue out and pointing the middle fingers to the camera
Picassow smoking a cigar while wearing a black beanie and jacket, standing in front of trees

Songwriter, Vocalist


Songwriter, Vocalist


Dayne Carter with a green and white hoodie, smiling while on cement steps
Ceddyjay holding his hand up and looking towards the sky

Dayne Carter
Songwriter, Vocalist


Songwriter, Vocalist


Franco Colon in black sunglasses pointing his hands to the camera
Courtnie in a blue collar shirt with white pinstripes, blue jeans, in front of a pine tree

Franco Colon
Songwriter, Producer, Camp Engineer


Songwriter, Vocalist


Camille with a colorful headscard and black leather jacket.
Mia Jae smiling with red braids

Songwriter, Vocalist


Mia Jae
Songwriter, Vocalist


Sam "LEIFER" Kaplan in Safe And Sound Studios backyard, holding a guitar
Kenji playing the guitar while in Safe and Sound Studios.

Sam "LEIFER" Kaplan
Camp Director, Songwriter, Singer


Songwriter, Vocalist


Jerk in glasses, a denim shirt and white crop top
Becky Mathai smiling and sitting on a white char, dressed in all beige

Lead Audio Engineer, Executive Album Producer


Becky Mathai


The Phronetic sitting on a chair with a bottle in his hand
Wanya in a white shirt with a green goatee, with greenery behind him

The Phronetic


Songwriter, Vocalist


Emily Weekes kicking her legs up in the air while holding a guitar, seated under an awning with plants.
Anthony Alvarez Headshot

Emily Weekes


Anthony Alvarez
Director, Editor, Producer


by Danica Robinson, shot at Safe & Sound Studios