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Project Feel Team

Project Feel is a Brooklyn-based production company founded in 2018 by Anthony Alvarez and George Herrera. We provide artists of all mediums the opportunity and freedom to evolve with their passions. At Project Feel, we are certain that art can be your career, not just your hobby.Every decision made at Project Feel is built around humanity. We’re deeply aware that we are all connected and envision a world that is united through collaboration of art without ego, filling everything and everyone with love as we grow.


To inspire and empower artists to authentically create music, films and experiences that are rooted in empathy and vulnerability.


To foster a global community that produces radical art to better the human condition.

Meet the team


Anthony Alvarez


If you’re reading this, don’t forget to love yourself today! My name is Anthony Alvarez and I’m a co-founder of Project Feel as well as a filmmaker. I’m a firm believer in the power love has to change the way the world works, and how we all connect within it. I believe art is one of the best ways for us to collectively explore that. So let’s find out together 💜


Christine Arquero



Hi angels! My name is Christine Arquero and I am a Creative Director/Head of the Project Feel Patreon. I developed the concepts and was a lead coordinator on some of our recent projects such as REVIVAL, SHE and Love Thyself. Since 2018, this community has brought me so many beautiful connections which allowed me to discover more artistic passions in my life. Because of this, I recently started my visual art journey and am very excited to see how I further develop my creative skills!

Franco Colon, Orlando born & Brooklyn based Musician, Actor, and filmmaker

Franco Colon


Hey, I’m Franco and I’m one of the Creative Directors of this pretty dope collective called Project Feel. Have you heard of it? I am a Brooklyn-based artist with a wide variety of skills ranging from acting and film making to music production. Originally, from Orlando, Florida, I moved to New York with my childhood best friends Hector and Jo (yes, they are also a part of the Project Feel team...we tend to do a lot of things together). The three of us aim to create meaningful and entertaining art that inspires the change so desperately needed in the world. 


Jo King


I’m Jo King, Director of Photography at Project Feel. Raised in Orlando, FL, I knew there was more destined for me than what was available there. I spontaneously moved to New York and started to pursue filmmaking. It’s the love of my life. I’m very blessed and grateful to share these beautiful stories with all of you.  


Take care, talk soon.


Michael Combs


Hey y'all! I'm Michael or M.D. Combs, and I am Project Feel's resident Lighting Director. I'm originally from the Bay Area, California and currently reside there. I am fascinated by the way that light can establish worlds and set the mood. I found that love and fascination while studying theatre in university. I'm always inspired by collaboration and am always looking to learn new things.  


Warmest Regards and All the Love.


Ryan J. Garcia


Yur, my name is Ryan J. Garcia and I’m the word smith of the family. I just moved to Brooklyn, NY from Orlando, FL. I wake up excited to grow spiritually and artistically with these beautiful people. Did I mention I’m a rapper too?? Also, I will probably MERK you in any first person shooter 🖤🖤


Brandon "Gloom's Garcia" Jimenez


Hello everyone, my name is Brandon but I also go by Gloom’s Garcia. I am a Project Feel Artist, originally from Orlando who moved to Brooklyn this past summer to continue working on my music & production while growing with the Project Feel Team. I’m currently in a state of introspection as I prepare to release some new art into the world in the upcoming months, but feel free to reach out to connect with me. I’m also looking for D&D players so HMU if you’re down. 

George "Rare" Herrera, filmmaker & Project Feel co-founder

George "Rare" Herrera


Hello, my name is Rare and I am a co-founder of Project Feel. I am also a proud father to a beautiful little girl and an up-and-coming filmmaker from New York City. I hope to one day have the ability to truly impact people with my films. I love creating a space which allows for people to explore their emotions; the type of spaces that leave a lasting impact. I believe this world can truly prosper due to the love we all have deep within us. I’m excited to continuously provide more of these experiences for you, whether it be through our films or events. 


We love you.


Hector "Edie Wyse" Sanchez


My name is Hector aka Edie Wyse. I’m a Creative Director/Host of the “I FEEL YOU” Podcast on our Patreon here at Project Feel. I’m also an actor, rapper, and singer. I was born in Ohio, raised in Florida and now Brooklyn is my home of choice. Connect with me! 


Sarah Elizabeth


Hey loves, my name is Sarah Elizabeth and I am a Creative Director/Head of the Project Feel TikTok. I am a visual artist who was lucky enough to collaborate with the team on many projects such as F.E.A.R., SHE, and Love Thyself. After further expanding my skillset to set/costume design, I am looking forward to pursuing new opportunities in directing as well. Project Feel has allowed me to grow due to the unconditional love and support over the years so I couldn’t be happier to work with such beautiful energies.


Daniela Cordero


Hola Familia, my name is Daniela Sofía and I am the Head of the Project Feel Instagram. I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Being boricua, I grew up around a lot of art and creativity. Even though I love and cherish my island deeply, ever since I was 7 years old it was my dream to move to New York City to create, express myself through art and make connections within the community. Which is where I found Project Feel, my home. At the end of the day, I’m just a girl who loves creating art, in any way shape or form, and most importantly, spreading love with every step.


Sam "Leifer" Kaplan


​Hey y’all! My name’s Sam Kaplan, but you can call me Leifer. I’m a Jewish musician and Project Feel’s resident data analyst. When I’m not crunching data you can catch me writing music, freestyling, snowboarding, dancing, or playing chess. I love being a part of Project Feel because they uplift their community and lead with love, trust and good vibes. 


Francheska Santillana


My name is Francheska Santillana and I 

am a Brooklyn based singer, writer and actress. I moved to NY with a dream to develop my art and the art of others. I’m so blessed to be a creative member of this team and can’t wait to see where we can grow to. 


David "VVaves" Alvarez


I am a Queens native who graduated from Baruch College with a BBA in Finance and a double minor in Marketing & Film. I work as an Analyst at a strategic Advisory firm in NYC and am a photographer that enjoys capturing the small moments and views in life that most people may overlook. I have always been influenced by the natural world, patterns, music & film, and an appreciation for solitude as a way to foster growth. 

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