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About Us

Project Feel Team: (L to R) Edie Wyse, Christine Arquero, Anthony Alvarez, Daniela Sofía, & George Herrera

Project Feel is a Brooklyn-based, Latin-owned multimedia production company that provides artists of all mediums and organizations of all sorts the opportunity and freedom to evolve with their passions and come together as a community. Every decision we make is built around humanity and we’re deeply aware that we are all connected. We envision a world that is united through creative collaboration without ego, filling everything and everyone with love as we grow.

To inspire and empower artists to authentically create music, films and experiences that are rooted in empathy and vulnerability.

To foster a global community that produces radical art to better the human condition.

Meet The Team

Anthony Alvarez wearing a swan covered shirt and smiling in a candid photo

Co-Founder, Filmmaker

Christine Arquero smiling in a sunlit room

Christine Arquero, COO
Head of Events & Design, Visual Artist

David Alvarez holding a film camera with a toothbrush in his shirt pocket.

David "VVaves" Alvarez, CFO

George Herrera holding a microphone

Co-founder, Filmmaker

Edie Wyse holding a microphone and smiling

Hector "Edie Wyse" Sanchez
Head of Development, Actor, Vocalist

Daniela Sofía with pink highlights in hair in a stream wearing a white dress.

Daniela Cordero
Head of Publicity, Artist

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