Project Feel Team

We believe that art is more than an individual act—all art is meant to be shared; to have an impact in the world that is bigger than oneself. We’re here to create meaningful art that uplifts and connects the creative community in New York City and beyond.

Our ultimate goal as a group of aspiring + talented artists is to inspire genuine human connection & collaboration through our art and provide the resources necessary for all creatives to speak their inner truth to the world.

Our Vision: To Fill Everything & Everyone with Love.

Meet the team

Anthony Alvarez


Hello Beautiful People. I am a filmmaker and hopeless optimist born and raised in NYC.


When I met Rare at a music festival (shout outs to J. Cole), we both instantly bonded over our love of film and music, as well as the shared belief that there is an opportunity for way more connection amongst the different creatives in NYC. We wanted to start something that would create opportunities for artists of all mediums to connect and collaborate with each other in a way they haven’t before. So we started Project Feel.

Ultimately, I believe in the impact that art can have not just on us as individuals, but how we connect and interact with each other in the world. I believe in our collective ability to imagine and build towards a world that treats everything and everyone with love.

Anthony Alvarez, filmmaker and Project Feel Co-Founder

George "Rare" Herrera


Hello My Name is George Herrera , But I go by Rare. I am one of the Co Founders of Project Feel.


I am an up and coming videographer and filmmaker from New York. I hope to one day be able to truly impact people with my films, to address people's prejudices and lack of understanding of others and provide a perspective they may have not had the opportunity to experience or hear firsthand. I believe this world can truly prosper through the love we all have deep inside of ourselves. 


I also curate the art and music at our live events. I love creating a space that allows people to explore their feelings and emotions, the type of spaces that leave an impact long after you’ve left. Whether you’re meeting new people with similar tastes, discovering a new favorite artist, or just dancing like no one’s looking, we want you to always feel welcomed, supported, and loved at any event we throw. 


I’m excited to continue to provide more of these types of experiences for you, whether it be through our films or events. 


We love you.

George "Rare" Herrera, filmmaker & Project Feel co-founder

Christine Arquero



Hello friends❤️ I am the Director of Fashion and Merchandise for Project Feel. Being born and raised in Queens, New York played an essential role in my love for fashion and creative expression as it is filled with endless inspiration, art, culture and attitude. I graduated with a PharmD degree from St. John’s University and practice as clinical pharmacist at a hospital which allows me to fulfill my love of science and helping others. In addition, Project Feel gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion for creating clothing concepts and merchandise that allows people to fully express their individuality. My goals are to consistently collaborate with artists by building powerful connections in the Project Feel community and to produce innovative fashion and merchandise that promotes self-empowerment, self-love, and self-expression.


Franco Colon


Hey, I’m Franco, a Brooklyn-based artist with a wide variety of skills ranging from acting and film making to music production. Originally, from Orlando, Florida I moved to New York with my childhood best friends Hector and Jo (yes, they are also a part of the Project Feel team...we tend to do a lot of things together). The three of us aim to create meaningful and entertaining content that inspires the change so desperately needed in the world. I almost forgot to mention, I’m one of the Creative Directors for this pretty dope collective called Project Feel. Have you heard of it?

Franco Colon, Orlando born & Brooklyn based Musician, Actor, and filmmaker

Hector Sanchez


Hey guys, I’m Hector Sanchez Jr. and I am one of the Creative Directors at Project Feel.  I was born in Ohio and raised in Orlando, Florida. I’m currently living in New York and in the process of following my dreams. At the moment, I am focused on fine-tuning my talents in the art of cinematography. Project Feel has given me the chance to learn in a community that prioritizes love; It has created an environment that gives space for forgiveness and deeper relationships.

Hector Sanchez, Orlando born & Brooklyn based filmmaker, actor, Project Feel Creative Director

Jo Gonzalez


What’s up, family? My name is Joseph Adam Gonzalez, but please call me Jo. I am very blessed to be a Creative Director at Project Feel. I was raised in Orlando, FL and moved to New York with my best friends Franco and Hector. I have a background in film and theatre, but currently focus on filmmaking. Project Feel is my family. They support everything I do and allow me to create to my heart’s desire. I love being part of a beautiful team of artists that bring powerful, truthful, and loving content to you... plus, I have so much fun doing it. As an extension of Project Feel, Hector, Franco, and I run a YouTube channel called El Boyos Supreme where we just act like complete idiots in any and every situation. Definitely check it out (and subscribe).

Jo Gonzalez: Orlando born & Brooklyn based filmmaker, actor, Project Feel Creative Director

Sarah Elizabeth


Hey loves, I’m a visual artist who grew up in the Lower East Side, New York. I met Rare (co founder of PF) in college and once showing him my art he wanted to feature me in a show. I was lucky enough to collaborate with the team with several projects over the years, from graphics, to photoshoots, to merch, to short films. Everything in my eyes turns into art and I knew from a young age that art was my way of expression. I am now the Director of Visual Art for Project Feel, and I also run the Tik Tok account with a bunch of behind the scenes and hilarious videos of the team. Project Feel has guided me through growth and has given me unconditional love and support over the years and I couldn’t be happier to work with such beautiful energies.

Sarah Elizabeth Project Feel

Michael Combs


I’m M.D. Combs, a Creative and Lighting Director for Project Feel. I grew up in a small town in the South Bay Area called Morgan Hill. After high school I moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Theatre. 


Through my studies I found a love of being behind the scenes, supporting the production in a totally different but equally important way. 


Once I finished school at San Francisco State University I moved to Harlem, right across the street from Harlem School of the Arts — where I would find my first paid New York City theatre gig. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of instructing a lighting course, designing lights, and stage managing for their productions. 


Ultimately as an artist I feel the most alive when collaborating with others and challenging our collective knowledge to elevate our productions beyond our wildest dreams.


David "VVaves"​Alvarez


I am a Queens native who graduated from CUNY Baruch College with a BBA in Finance and a double minor in Marketing & Film. I currently work as an Analyst at a strategic Advisory firm in NYC. During my spare time, I am an avid photographer that enjoys capturing the small moments and views in life that most people may overlook. I have always been influenced by the natural world, patterns, music & film, and an appreciation for solitude as a way to foster growth. 


I believe strongly in the idea that everyone should feel comfortable being themselves within a community; a sense of independence is important for everyone. I go by the name VVaves -- a moniker created during my college years as a joke but something I have embraced that symbolizes the power of waves; free-flowing, powerful, adaptable, never ceasing, and above all, calm. I am a part of Project Feel because I believe in the ability of the organization to empower individuals to find their own voice within a supportive community. 


As the Financial Manager of Project Feel -- my analytical background helps provide a solid foundation for Project Feel that helps us continue to grow and ensure we can continue our work for years to come. As a photographer as well, I lend my thoughts and ideas to the creative projects done within Project Feel.

David Alvarez: Analyst & CFO of Project Feel