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Who is NYC?

"Who is NYC?" Event Flier September 21st, 2023

Join us for our biggest event yet! 


As a New York City based organization, we wanted to ensure that we tap into our roots and continue platforming talented creatives who make the city so special.


Project Feel answers the question “Who is NYC?” through a multi-media art event featuring live musical performances aimed to unite, expand, and support the creative community on September 21st. This multi-media art event will feature various visual art forms, independent business vendors, interactive installations, and live musical performances centered around exploring the city and its inhabitants. 


Click the link to learn more and buy tickets! Keep scrolling to meet the creatives who will be showcasing their art at this event!


We’re excited to see you!

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Featured Creatives

Timalikesmusic for Project Feel's "Who is NYC", from their EP "DADDY PRINCESS"
Franck Godefroy for Project Feel's "Who is NYC"

Franck Godefroy


Offering Rain for Project Feel's "Who is NYC"
Olivia Wells for Project Feel's "Who is NYC"

Olivia Wells

Offering Rain
DJ/Visual Artist

Cast for Project Feel's "Who is NYC" event
Motti for Project Feel's "Who is NYC"



Hype Square Headshot.jpg
anthony james square headshot.jpg

Anthony James
Fashion Designer


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