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A Creative Community

For the past few months, we've been filling our Patreon with curated content to inspire, educate, and uplift this beautiful, creative community of ours. We want to create content that touches your soul and encourages you to continue your own creative journey, while also getting exclusive access to art and other goodies.


Money collected through Patreon will go towards better supporting and paying the artists that we work with, as well as equipment, set design materials, art supplies and more.  We are hoping to create a new connection among creatives and those who appreciate creativity. One that allows for more flow of resources and provides the opportunity for artists to make a living off their creations and the projects they help grow.

By choosing a subscription tier on our Patreon, not only do you support independent creatives directly, but you also get access to a whole list of benefits that have been curated for both creators and those of us who appreciate the arts. 


Perks include:  

    •    Early Access to music videos, films, and more

    •    Access to our "I FEEL YOU" podcast, hosted by Edie Wyse, featuring conversations with all kinds of creatives discussing origin stories, overcoming struggles, inspirations, and all things creative/contemporary.

    •    Exclusive access to beats and digital art

    •    Breakdown and Behind The Scenes videos of some of our biggest projects

    •    Opportunity to submit questions and suggestions to our podcast and other projects

    •    Discounts on our online store

Behind the scenes



Exclusive art

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