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We started this journey in August 2018 so we celebrated our 5th anniversary while also looking forward to everything we will be manifesting together as a community. 


Our anniversary event celebrated everything that has lifted us up throughout the years. We brought together some of our most cherished collaborators and welcomed new sounds and visuals to further foster community.


Featured Visual Art by Nichelle Antonia, Christine Arquero, Sarah Elizabeth, Traci Johnson, Ian Tousius, and Mark Wilson. Performances by Jerk, Edie Wyse, Francheska and Ryan J. Garcia (supported by the Project Feel House Band). Screen Printing Workshop led by John Roberts.


A person in futuristic textiles poses in a photo studio
Christine Arquero smiling in a sunlit room

Traci Johnson
Textile Artist

Christine Arquero
Visual Artist, Event Producer

Sarah Elizabeth with glasses and long black hair
Nichelle Antonia with red lipstick, a curl in her hair, a nose ring and earrings

Sarah Elizabeth
Visual Artist

Nichelle Antonia
Visual Artist

Mark Wilson poses in a white shirt in a white walled art gallery
A pencil drawn sketch of a man with a hat looking under a rock and finding a lady bug.

Mark Wilson Jr.
Sculptor, Visual Artist

Ian Tousius
Visual Artist


Jerk playing a white bass guitar while in a room with door to cieling windows and vases of flowers
Edie Wyse holding a microphone and smiling

Perfoming Artist

Edie Wyse
Performing Artist

A person poses amidst plants and flowers
Picassow smoking a cigar while wearing a black beanie and jacket, standing in front of trees

Performing Artist


Perfoming Artist

A man with an orange shirt smiles at the camera and throws up a peace sign
A brown haired woman with a blue furry hat, green sweater, and pink pants looks down at the camera while a plane flies out of focus directly above her

John Roberts
Screenprinting Worskshop Director, Visual Artist

Emma Brawley

Jo King on a New York City sidewalk

Jo King
Cinematographer, Editor

Event Photos by Emma Brawley


Thank you to our sponsors Muz Muz Cafe & Owl's Brew for allowing us to provide a premium experience to our attendees, and to Frost Gallery for allowing us to use their space.


Thomas Karas (audio engineer)

Fionella Mateo (volunteer) 

Gustavo Rosa (volunteer)

Owl's Brew logo: the words Owl's Brew with an image of an owl in a circle next to it.
Muz Muz logo: A brown cut out of a bear's head with the words Muz Muz in the center of it
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