In Full Bloom

A Project Feel Dream

The idea for “In Full Bloom,” our first short film, is one that went through many forms from when it was first brought up in late May. Initially, it started as a visual component to be released as a way of spotlighting the merch we were planning to release. It grew to be much more than what we had intended, or could have hoped for.  

On May 25th, George Floyd was senselessly killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Our team, just like much of the world, witnessed this and felt a hurricane of emotions; from anger, to confusion, to deep sadness. The following days and weeks were followed by protests, petitions, donations, and a lot of difficult conversations. Conversations with each other, with others in our lives, and with ourselves. 

As a team of creatives as diverse in our backgrounds as we are in our passions, something we discussed was what is our role as artists during this time. How do we use our resources and create with purpose, with intention, with a sense of responsibility towards people all around the world with whom we have shared experiences, views, and perspectives? 

In Full Bloom is a reflection of the conversations and feelings we as a team have had in the past few months. We call it a “Project Feel Dream” because, as one of the characters in the film states, we believe that “There’s no reason we can’t build toward a world that looks more like our dreams than our nightmares.” 


At the end of the day, we genuinely believe in the power of love and passion. We believe in the good that comes from people creating spaces for each other to heal and to just be. We believe in community and supporting each other. This short film represents what we believe in, and what we hope to see.


We hope that there is something in this film you connect with. Something that brings you to feel strongly. We hope that this film leaves you believing that everyone deserves to bloom.


We’re excited to share it with you, and to continue to create with anyone who resonates with what we’re doing. 


In Full Bloom.


Keion Staton (@keion211)

Mingo (@mingonyc)

Franco Colon (@francocolon)

Story by:

Anthony Alvarez (@anthonys_aura)

Hector Sanchez Jr. (@edie.jr

Jo Gonzalez (@jahseff)

M.D. Combs (@ohsillymike)

Rare (@realrealrare)


Art Direction by: Sarah Elizabeth (@stayupwithsarah)

Original Score by: Franco Colon

Director of Photography/Editor: Jo Gonzalez

Directed by: Anthony Alvarez

"Bloom" Capsule

The concept for the short film, and all the art that accompanies it, actually started with a simple shirt design. We knew we wanted to release a floral inspired design sometime in the summer, and the exploration of potential designs led us to the phrase "In Full Bloom."

To Project Feel, to BLOOM means to embrace yourself fully; to love and accept yourself and every part of you completely, and to allow the genuine you to shine through in everything you do, whether its the way you create, the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you love. 

Our discussions and exploration of how we ourselves want to bloom and how we want others to bloom led to two designs. The first is the Pink "Daisy" Embroidered Shirt, a design intended to remind anyone who wears it or sees it that embracing yourself fully is an active decision that is always worth making. The Yellow "Garden" Shirt,  the second design and a collaboration with Kelly Emmrich, came from the idea of a "creative garden," a place where the things that we create with, the things that touch our souls, grow out of the ground like flowers. This idea was one that Kelly Emmrich designed beautifully, as well as a huge foundation for our short film "In Full Bloom."

As the film started to develop, we started to understand that at its core it was a film about community: about how we can create spaces for each other that provide resources we may otherwise not have had on our own. Spaces that allow us to fully embrace who we are and who we want to be. We talked about how this core theme of the film could translate into how we were sharing our merch with the world. 


We wanted this campaign to not just be about creative expression, but to also show how serious we are about creating art with the intention of making an impact on communities. This is why, we have proudly decided to donate 20% of all our "BLOOM" merch purchases  to The Door, an NYC-based organization that provides support and resources to 10,000 vulnerable New Yorkers ages 10-24 every year. They provide everything from assistance with housing, to GED training, to mental health counseling, arts services, and so much more. They are an organization that believes in the value of being a truly supportive and open community to the youth that walk into their their doors.  This sort of dedication and commitment to building towards a better world, starting with the youth of our own community, is what made donating to The Door an easy decision for Project Feel. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the great work they're doing, and maybe even recommend their services to someone who may need it. 

We want to give a huge thanks to Kelly Emmrich (@Art.kve) for being an great collaborator and having done such an amazing job on the "In Full Bloom" design, as well as Seven House New York (@7house.ny) for helping us produce these designs and having been a huge support to Project Feel since literally the first day.

And of course to Ramon Vargas (@rj.v__), for being such an incredible collaborator and model for this capsule. 

Lastly, thank you to our very own Christine Arquero, for not only modeling the merch, but also being the creative force behind this entire capsule.  

BLOOM Merch: Yellow Garden T-Shirt
BLOOM Merch: Pink Daisy Embroidered T-Shirt